Junk Removal
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We donate furniture, household items, clothing, and as many of other items as possible. One of our primary goals is to benefit the local community through donations as well as environmental responsibility while providing excellent junk removal and hauling service. At your request, the needy will receive low cost or free items, while the community benefits from keeping these same items from being disposed of in the landfill.

As a leader in environmentally friendly junk disposal, JunkRemoval.us recycles and donates most items of value that we pick up. We are committed to being an eco-friendly and green junk removal company in NYC.  Our large 40 cubic foot trucks permit us to stop at donation centers with an entire estate cleanout’s worth of  items while other companies are unable to because they require 2 or 3 trucks to haul the same items.

Our team can also remove donatable items located in your storage space. Our donation pickup service in NYC includes sorting, packing, loading, hauling, and donating of items, and we will provide you with a tax deductible receipt from donation centers that accept your goods.