Junk Removal
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For home junk removal, clutter removal, and furniture removal, we have years of experience serving renters and homeowners in New York and New Jersey. We are here to pick up and haul away household junk, including recycling and donating items per your wishes. We will even pick up appliances, beds, sofas, and other furniture.

Oftentimes we are called upon for move-in or move-out cleaning, whether you have old unwanted furniture, boxes of old dishes and glasses, clothing, carpets, lamps, or just general clutter and debris. Sometimes items are too bulky or heavy to go out in the regular trash or need to be taken down many flights of stairs. We handle it all, from spring cleaning clutter removal to hoarding cleanouts, or sometimes removal of abandoned belongings that a tenant might have left behind when they moved out.

We always get the junk removal job done professionally and courteously, whether you have a single item junk removal or need an entire estate cleared up after a tenant or relative passes away. We will even handle debris from construction and renovation without you having to to get a dumpster. It’s really as simple as giving us a call and telling us what you need removed, and we come pick it up and haul it away.